Furniture leathers

If the experience and creativity join their forces, the result is an exceptional product. This is the basic principle of the Italian company  Kosmopell which has grown and evolved through the years, selling their  finished and customized leathers in Italy and all over the world, for the furnishing and footwear.

The company was founded in 1994 by Augusto Astegno and Lino Pagini, now supported by the new generation: Mauro, Roberto and Emanuele.

In addition to the knowledge and the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders, an innovative style from  the youngest is also there, following the same line of respecting the tradition.

everyone knows that the good quality of the product and ethics are the central points of the production process.

There is an utmost attention to details creating a leather “Made in Italy” but also respect for people and for the rules of a healthy trade, combined with the clarity of relations: these are the values in which Kosmopell strongly believes,  this is the key to its success.